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Face rag.
Biggle ball bouncer.

Meal Time:
I'm starting to lose my appetite.
You must not have liked it.
Just a big piece please.
Have a bit of pie with your whipped cream.
Have a bit of bread with your butter.
Have I ever told you that I love strawberry shortcake?
Just a sliver please.
Let's stare at Jan until she cries.
What you've left on your plate would feed a Russian for a week!
Are there onions in this?
Have you ever tasted anything so good?
I don't care what it's been, what is it now?

Game Time:
You're not doing very well.
What's the score?
Who got points on that last hand?
Wow, you haven't gotten any points for quite awhile.
Who is winning? Who is in last place?
Momus, Dadus, Gordus, Jillus. Janis.
Buffy and Serf
Reverend Holy Mother Mary.
Middle Muddle.
And More:
For the love of Mike...
There's a hole in there.
Go up to your room and think about it.
It's only because we care about you.
See a 'man about a horse'.
It's not fair.
Hell's bell's.
Garsh, NO!
I've got to get up to Big East again.
Did I tell you the one about...
Joke # 52...
Stop talking and go to sleep.
I'll lock you in the basement before I let you have dinner with the Hari Krishnas.
It's Kelley's fault.
Just a darn minute.
Hold your horses.
...and the Eatmore goes to Third place.
It's only a fad.
Isn't that a caution?
Holy cow.
Didn't you ever know you were adopted?
Brownie Points.
You're out of your cotton pickin' mind.
I got my ears lowered.
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...
Which one of you did that?
You're a pill.
Pea brain.
Ya idiot!
Jan, Jill, time for your bath!
"You poor toot!"
The discussion of bodily functions during formal meals.
Our uncanny ability to force good restaurants into bankruptcy. (is this related to the previous point???)
The Spark Shop.