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Gord and WineGord and WineI'm Gord (VE3ILZ) and this is my web site. I was born loving electronics, and even after a 35 year career, I still love it. I have a workroom full of test equipment, both old and new. 

I collect radios. I have a few pictures of some of my radios here.

I have lots and lots of electronic parts. If I have something that you need, I'd be happy to make a deal. I'm not in this to make money, just get parts out to people who need and appreciate them. Here is a list of some of the stuff I have available.

My hobby is electronics. I have documented some of my projects here.

I have listed some interesting links here.

If you would like to try my auction software, go here.

My thesis on Monolithic Microwave Transformers is here.


If you need to contact me, you'll need to solve this puzzle: Clue: the columns are pieces of the alphabet.

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