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Bob grew up in Forest Hill, Toronto and attended Queen's  University to achieve a degree in mechanical Engineering in 1957. He worked for Trane Air Conditioning for his entire career, and has been retired for almost 30 years. Bob passed away June 10, 2021. Obituary

Mary grew up in Prince Edward County, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen's University in 1956. She has taught school, fitness classes, and later in life received a Masters of Divinity from U of T and was a United Church Minister at Humbercrest in Toronto. She now lives in Carleton Place Terrace Retirement Home in Carleton Place, Ontario. She can be reached at:




Together they have 3 wonderful children and 3 fantastic grandkids.




Here's a short story written by Mary, about her father, Ray: The Whistle

Here are some articles of historical interest by Bob:

Russian history in one page

History of the New Credit First Nation


 Bob and Mary and the dog who shall not be named


Bob and Mary Wedding 1957Bob and Mary Wedding 1957